Mini Assignment – Saturday Assignment


Find a story, decide what your point of view (your angle) is about this story, and consider what sort of magazine your story might be published in then tell your story in 6 pictures.  Prepare a statement that describes how and why you chose the angle of your story and which magazine you are aiming the story at.

For this assignment I decided to base my images on Student life, with a focus on fashion/latest trends. I wanted to base my street photography on the life of students, and explore the stereotype of a ‘typical’ student and creating fashion styles ‘on a budget’. I was inspired by American fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham.

Bill Cunningham has been the photographer for the New York Times for many years, and is known for his candid/street photography, focusing on fashion trends.

Bill Cunningham photography for the New York Times:




I feel like my images would fit into a either a fashion publication, or a student-based magazine. They would hold a target audiences of fashion-lovers and students. However much I would like to say they would be appropiate for a high fashion magazine like Vogue, 50% of the target audience would be aimed at students (who realistically would not be able to afford a £5 magazine each month). So I feel like it would be more appropriate to feature in a Independent fashion magazine, such as i-D Magazine.


i-D is a British Independent fashion magazine with a street-style edge, that also focuses on art, youth culuture and up and coming music.

Here are my Street Style Images:

fahsionedit2 fashionedit1 fashionedit3 fashionedit6fashionedit4    fashionedit8 fashionedit9

References for images:


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