Main Assignment – Research

Our main project we have been asked to produce a documentary feature suitable for publication in a magazine, newspaper or website. This feature must be a documentary feature that is suitable for an existing editorial publication.  It could be a news story or a feature story based on a current issue.

I have chosen to produce a set of documentary images that feature a musical festival event. I plan to take photographs that will be suitable for a publication in a magazine that features music and fashion. Magazines that feature music such as NME, Q, THE FLY, Kerrang!, and Uncut are examples of what target audience I am aiming for. However, I also want to include elements of fashion in my images, as fashion has become a popular matter at attending music festivals/gigs. It will be interesting approaching people and will allow me to put my journalistic interview skills to the test. It will also able to me to broaden my target audience, as Independent magazine’s such as i-D, Dazed & Confused, VICE and Flux, all feature both music and fashion in their publications.

Examples of articles featuring music and fashion from Dazed & Confused.





I then looked at Bournemouth-based photojournalist and photographer, Paull Underhill. His images of ‘music events photography’ really inspired me as to how to would like to capture my own images. He focuses on facial expressions of audience members, as oppose to the actual artist.

Paul Underhills images from

paul 1 paul2 paul3 paul4


The music event that I will be photographing is A terrace garden party at Mint Warehouse. The afternoon and evening event is run by two Leeds music companies, System and Set One Twenty. With the garden party starting throughout the day, the live music will take place on four different stages. Live music on the main stage from house music artists such as Seth Troxler, Detroit Swindle and Ten Walls. The event takes place on Bank Holiday Sunday 4th May.


Image referencing:




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