Write 200 words stating your view of the historical value of photographs of atrocities and integrate the above quote into your text.

I believe that it is important that in this current day and age we are able to have access to images that can educate us about historic events we were unable to witness. I wholeheartedly agree with Susan Sontags theory that photographs can be used as Cultural Memory. However morally wrong it might be to photograph someone suffering, an example of this being Margaret Bourke White’s war photography of the Concentration camps, I believe that by capturing these historic moments it enables us in the future to understand important events. Susan Sontag’s quote in Regarding The Pain of Others 2003 can support my view,

‘Remembering is an ethical act, has ethical value in and of itself.  Memory is, achingly, the only relation we can have with the dead.’


I also agree with Sontag’s theory that we can use photographs as evidence. Images of tragic events could act as a deterrent and stop genocide, as whole benefiting society. Images taken throughout world wars, terrorist attacks and other disturbing moments in history allow us to process and understand a time we were unable to see. Overall I believe that photographs of atrocities are of great importance to our current, and future generations.


200 WORDS.

Referencing: Susan Sontag Regarding The Pain of Others 2003

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